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About Team ES

All of esports real-time data analysis

Team Build

Team ES is an experts analysis company started in 2017 TeamES is a company established by sports data planner and big data developers of esports player career met. Currently there are 4 other apps / web developers of 2 co-founder together.


There are offices in Seoul and Paris where the highest levels of esports teams in the world are active. esports Seoul, one of the most developed areas of the industry, and France’s Paris where the esports industry is growing rapidly It is the best place to raise our development and creativity.


Ministry of smes and startups in the program of “Youth Founding Academy School”, the largest startup support project in Korea, and French Axel “Creative valley” program We carried out the project at StationF. In addition, Seoul City has been selected as a promising startup, and various support is received in the city.

Our achievement

esports Current data is provided to esports games team of Republic of Korea which is powerful country, Since providing these data, we have achieved excellent results.
E-STATS official data analysis service at the 2017 KEG regional convention of the largest amateur tournament in Korea. esports is now next generation sports. We want to exchange not only with Korea but all esports people all over the world.


TeamES has developed “E-STATS”, the world’s first esports data service. E-STATS is not simple esports result, but using R studio or SPSS It can expertly analyze behavior analysis and trend analysis of athletes and teams. Also, this will allow you to know the detailed analysis of the fighters and the strength of the team and the improvement of the problems, fans can compare players and teams looking at records like real sports It becomes contents.

Our Plan

We concentrate on the “League of legends” event to increase the perfection of the current service. After stabilizing the service, it is to develop a new event analysis tool, the four developers and the two data designers always keep it together. It is not a simple big data analysis but a lot of dialogue with the coporting staff and players of the esports industry. We use such analytical data to extend power analysis, education, agency, amateur contest, coaching service.

esports will be real sports

esports Analysis and database, agency and team management all provided.


Duckyoon Kim

In South Korea he worked as an esports player from 1999 to 2004. Major in sports marketing after retirement, I worked as sports data design, esports power analysis coach. Currently co-founder and CEO TeamES.


Yongwoon Shin

Completed the specialized curriculum of big data in Korea sports Data architect. Currently I developed and studied all the analysis platforms of E-STATS. It is currently co-founder and CEO TeamES.

And four sports data apps / web veteran developers are together.

Esports Saber Metrics E-STATS

Our company provides all the things for esports data analysis

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Our company provides much needed diagnoses